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As I fell asleep last night, I relished my last night in my comfortable, soft American bed. Why are Asian mattresses so hard?!? I am trying to soak up these last moments with my friends and family. In Seattle. In my home. It will be a long time until I have a place to call home. I’ll be living out of a backpack until 2011 when I settle down in Vietnam, which is a long time for my Cancer self.

My flight leaves in nine hours but I haven’t even started packing yet. How do you pack for one year on the road and moving oveseas indefinitely? My travels have taught me to let go and not worry so much. What’s the worst thing that can happen? I’ll forget my favorite shirt? Then I’ll just have to find a new favorite shirt and make new memories!  

I start to pore through my closet and draweres and find remants of past relationships. Photos tucked away in books, love letters interspersed with bills. I throw some things away, trying to let go of the past and move on.  l box up a few things, hoping the bitterness will fade to sweet nostalgia in time.

There is a bright new beginning in front of me, and anything can happen. I’m not taking anything for granted and enjoying every single day. If you saw me yesterday you would have noticed me hugging friends in Columbia City, dancing through the aisles in Best Buy and laughing it up in Marshalls. This journey isn’t about what happens tomorrow and wanting to be somewhere else. It’s about sucking the marrow out of every moment.

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