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The journey continues and I keep wondering, how can it get any better? And it just does!

I left Ubud on a very high note with a $15 three hour massage (yes, that makes four massages in seven days)! The masseuse went to my new friend’s home, Denise and Ketut, in Denpasar. Walking into their home is unbelievable and I was already relaxed before the massage began. I felt like I was in paradise, getting a massage, the windows flung upon, their daughter playing piano and their son is swimming in the pool.

The next day, I arrived in Lovina, on the north coast of Bali most famous for their dolphin tours. I have a bungalow on the beach, and can hear the gamelan music from the adjacent temple. Yesterday, I went snorkeling at Menjangan Island and it was spectacular. So many fish that I have never seen before, and the coral and underwater life is amazing. It makes me want to paint, sculpt and create jewelry/metal work!

This morning, I went on the dolphin tour from 6am-8am. There were five of us on a motorized catamaran and we saw THOUSANDS of DOLPHINS! I sat next to the guide and he would happily scream, “Dolphin jumping! Look!” One of the best parts of the tour was his total glee to see these dolphins even though he gives this tour every single day. It was as if he was seeing them for the first time. And this trip makes me feel that way too. I want to savor this feeling of wonder and awe that I feel every day. I know I will bring that home with me and it is such a gift.

Afterwards, I had a personalized tour by motorbike of a nearby Buddhist Monastery. Bali is 90 percent Hindu, although most of Indonesia is Muslim. Then I capped off my day with a trip to the hot springs. Only a few tourists from China, Java, and many locals too. It’s a natural hot springs and the water is spewn from the mouths of dragons. I thought I should really do it up, so I asked my guide about swimming with the dolphins (they have this offered in a hotel swimming pool in Lovina). He said I didn’t need it, because it’s for people who need power and I didn’t need any more power!

Tomorrow, I head back to Ubud for four nights before leaving to Bangkok. I am so excited to return to Ubud. On my first (and only) trip to Vietnam in 1998 I fell in love with Hanoi. We took a two day trip to Halong Bay and were so excited to return to Hanoi. I have this same feeling about Ubud, it is like going home.

The attached photos include the crystal blue water at Menjangan Island, the dolphins in Lovina, and the natural massaging force of the hot springs (this was the coolest part of the hot springs!).

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